Make Your Offer Stand Out From Others

Here are some tips to sweeten up your offers.

QUICK HOME INSPECTION – When you have competition, don’t ask the seller to give you 17 days to inspect the home. The truth is that within 24-48 hours of making a deal, we can have an inspector at the property and receive results within 24-48 hours after that. This allows you to negotiate repairs within a few days.

HIGHEST AND BEST – Many buyers think they can save their highest and best offer for the end when the seller presents a counter offer. But the seller presents a counteroffer and can simply accept the highest offer and reject the offers without further negotiations. One way to get your offer to stay in the game is to add an escalation clause to your offer. It’s a safer way of making your offer stand out by letting the seller know you are willing to pay more for the house.

BECOME PRE-APPROVED – It’s not enough to be pre-qualified. Pre-qualification only tells how much you can afford. Pre-approval goes a step further. Your lender will thoroughly evaluate your application, including verifying employment information and financial disposition, then clear you for a loan of a determined amount. From there, all you need is to agree on the price and close!