Showcasing Your Home

Make Your Home Attractive to Buyers

Once you have taken care of the prep work to get your home on the market, you’ll need to present your home to potential buyers. Even small cosmetic improvements will have a major impact on the sale of your home.

Clean Clean Clean

Make sure your landscape is well maintained to increase curb appeal. Pare down and trees that block windows. If your home has gutters on the roof, clean and clear them frequently.

Let There be light

Natural light is the best light to cast your home in. Replace faded and heavy curtains with sheer ones. Opening the shades when showing your home will also make your home seem larger.

Add a few little touches

Replace work outdated doorknobs, cabinet handle, and light switches. Buy new towels for the bathrooms, but don’t use them (keep the towels you use out of sight in a cabinet.) Place flowers in windows that are walked by often to add a cheerful, homey touch.

Other low-cost ways to update your home

  • Install a new mailbox

  • Remove as much furniture as possible

  • Replace old doormats

  • Plant annual flowers

  • Display subtlety scented candles

  • Use baskets or bins to reduce clutter polish or replace your house numbers