5 Major Costs When Selling Your Home

COMMISSION – if you’re hiring a professional agent to sell your home, be prepared to pay commission.

MOVING COST – Whether you will be moving or hiring a moving company, Cost will incur either way.

REPAIRS - Depending on your property’s condition, you will need to spend money to bring it up to the market condition. Once in escrow, the buyer will perform their home inspection, they might request that you take care of some repairs but you must keep in mind they are not all mandatory and are negotiable.

HOME WARRANTY – Usually costs between $350-$400 and typically paid by the seller. It’s important to provide a warranty on a home. This gives the buyer peace of mind after the deal closes that if anything should arise they have it to fall back on.

CLOSING COSTS – These are typically your insurance policies, legal fees, settlement fees, and the buyer might request that sellers pay all portion of their closing costs which is negotiable as well.